As the story opens, we meet a young man learning what it means to grow-up in the segregated South in pre-war America. We follow his early experiences which will have an ultimate impact on his life’s work, as he takes his place in the vanguard of the Civil Rights Movement through to 1968.

Rising beyond the harrowing and bitter social turmoil that unfolds on American streets during this violent era, I Dream shines a light on the glory of human determination to overcome oppression and injustice - despite, seemingly, insurmountable odds.

The work, entirely through-composed, dramatically portrays a range of sharply-defined characters, each as integral to the story as the civil rights leaders themselves: from the unforgiving lives of sharecroppers in South Georgia to the brave citizens of Atlanta, Birmingham, Selma, Chicago and Memphis; from the judges who legislated change to the preachers and police who defended or resisted it.

This is a story honoring the indomitable spirit of the many men, women and children of differing class, color and creed who chose to stand for equality; and the many who fell along that long road to freedom.

I Dream is a musical celebration of that journey, through the life and work of a man whose prophetic and historical significance would become legend.

A man, who would be King.

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